Coho Restaurant Dinner Menu



house made seed  bread, garlic thyme butter 5
warm spiced olives, tomatoes, roasted hazelnuts, chili herb oil 5
house pickles 5



Coho Salad 12

house salad, pickled beets, roasted carrots, toasted pepitas, local greens
apple cider vinaigrette, goat cheese

Arugula Antipasto Salad 13

arugula, honey balsamic vinaigrette, house paneer, pickled onion, house made tasso

Harissa Prawns* 15

spot prawns, harissa, crispy prosciutto, wilted greens, garlic butter, crostini

Local Roasted Vegetables 12

pine nuts, micro greens, red pepper aioli

Soup de Jour 6/8



Capellini 26

chef’s selection of local mushrooms, asparagus, porcini and white wine cream, goat cheese

Pappardelle 28
lamb, olive oil, mint, cherry tomatoes, greens, parmesan

Duck* 34
smoked duck breast, lentils, carrots, crispy chick peas, curry remoulade slaw

Chicken Cacciatore 28

tomato roasted chicken, olives, capers, mushrooms, polenta arancini, ricotta

Smoked Mushroom Laab 28

asian greens, smoked mushrooms, chick peas, ginger, broccoli, sambal (smoked mussels +3)

Beef Tenderloin* 36

garlic roasted smashed fingerlings, braised greens, spring herb pesto


Market Fish* MP
a seasonal representation from our local waters


Coho Restaurant proudly supports San Juan Island and Washington Farmers