Coho Restaurant Dinner Menu

Sumner 2019



house made seed bread, house cultured butter 5
marinated olives & mushrooms and candied hazelnuts 5
house pickles 5


Coho Salad 12
local greens, roasted beets and carrots, shaved radish, sunflower seeds,
 goat cheese truffles, red wine vinaigrette

Grilled Corn Flatbread 14
grilled corn, herbed ricotta, bacon, pickled red onion

Tomato 14
heirloom tomatoes, marinated mozzarella, garlic confit, tomato salt

Strawberry Som Tam 14
strawberries, summer vegetables, spicy nuts, chilies, five spice terrine

Harissa Prawns* 15
spot prawns, harissa, curried pumpkin seeds, wilted greens, crostini

Kimchi Mussels 18
steamed mussels, house made kimchi, mirin, sesame oil, grilled seed bread

Soup de Jour 6/8


Capellini 26
house made pasta, pesto, summer vegetable ratatouille, goat chèvre

Pappardelle 28
house made pasta, lamb bolognese, greens, parmesan

Chicken Confit 28
squash gratin, cabbage, romesco, crispy chicken skin

Pork* 34
summer fruit mostarda, roasted early summer vegetables, kale slaw

Mushrooms 26
roasted & grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, greens, polenta pudding, mushroom jus

Beef Tenderloin* 38
crispy smashed fingerlings, fennel-hazelnut-tomato relish, arugula salad

Market Fish* MP
a seasonal representation from our local waters

Coho Restaurant proudly supports San Juan Island and Washington Farmers

revised 070519