Weinbau Paetra

June 12 Wine Dinner will feature Weinbau Paetra

Weinbau is German for the craft of growing and producing wine. Paetra is from the Latin for "Rock". We are pleased to welcome Willamette Valley winemaker Bill Hooper from Weinbau Paetra to Friday Harbor on June 12. "The basis for all great wine is the soil from which it comes," Hooper explains. "Our wines are crafted by intensive hand-labor in the vineyard and a minimalist approach to cellar-work. 'As little as possible, as much as necessary' is a fitting motto. We produce Riesling using traditional European techniques on American soil." Learn more about Bill's approach to winemaking and his professional journey -- which has taken him from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest to Europe and then back again. Dinner is $60 and the optional wine pairing is $35.


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