Fall Wine Pairings

One of the daily questions in our household is,”what do you want to eat for dinner?” quickly followed by, “what do you want to drink?” Nights that we aren’t working gives us the opportunity to do a bit of product testing. We cook a nice meal and revisit old friends from Coho Restaurant’s wine list. […]

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Celebrate Washington Wine Month with Coho and Rasa Vineyards

March is Washington Wine Month! The soil and climate of our breathtaking state lend themselves beautifully to wine production, and we are lucky enough to have no shortage of wonderful vineyards and wineries all across the state – from classic vintage to state of the art innovation, and everything in between. Taste Washington Wine Month […]

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Experience the History of Washington Winemaking

Two of the oldest wineries in the state, Walla Walla Vintners and Leonetti Cellars, tell the story of the history of Washington winemaking. Each has taken a very different path over the past 30 years. Gordy Venneri and Myles Anderson of Walla Walla Vintners started making wine as hobbyists in 1981. They joke that they […]

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Walla Walla Wines Part 2 – Reds

After our Walla Walla fall release trip we published an article highlighting the notable white wines of the trip. Fall release weekend is all about the new reds releases for the season. While we tasted whites, their numbers paled in comparison, so it made the job of selecting noteworthy whites rather easy. Now we are […]

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A Trip to Walla Walla Wine Country!

Anna Maria and Dave recently journeyed straight to the source of many of the fine wines served nightly at Coho. Below is her account of their whirlwind weekend! Coho’s wine list is a gathering of old friends, many of which we discovered from industry tastings or from our travels. The wines tell a story, either […]

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Fall 2013 Wine Highlights

Chef Bill pulled out all the stops for three sold out dinners this month. So how could we not include some of those wines from these dinners for our cellar selections: For our German Beer and wine dinner, guests were pleasantly surprised to see three reds on the menu, and one was from our neighbor […]

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September Wine Picks 2013

Wine Cellar Coho Restaurant

This month we showcase three wines from the Small Vineyards Direct Import program. Small Vineyards scours Italy to find boutique family winemakers who produce sustainable estate wines using dry farming and organic techniques, even though many cannot afford the official certification. Since these winemakers have limited production, their wines are not offered for year round […]

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Coho’s New House Blend – Tre Uve Vino

We finished the label design for our new house wine, Tre Uve Vino, and now await federal approval. We are so excited to offer this private label “Super Tuscan” red made by winemaker Brian Carter. This bold, complex and aromatic wine is made with Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. It will complement Chef Bill’s Mediterranean-inspired […]

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Wine Picks April 2013

Coho Restaurant Wine List

The picks this month feature wines, vineyards or producers that at one time were on our list but fell off due to limited availability. We are happy to welcome back these old friends. Winderlea Wines – a boutique producer of primarily single vineyard pinot noirs and a lovely Chardonnay. While they are a new producer […]

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Coho Wine Cellar News – April 2013

Harlan Estate Wine Coho Restaurant

We continually shop, and more importantly taste, to find unique jewels for our beverage menu – the unusual varietals, the new and upcoming wine regions or winemakers, or close out specials. This week alone we participated in 4 professional tastings and probably spat out more wine and spirits than most people drink in a month. […]

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