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Have You Tried The Best New Cooking Oil Yet?

Here at Coho, you may have noticed that we’re pretty picky about what goes onto your plate – and that includes what ingredients we use to cook it with. We are non-soy and non-GMO as much as is possible; to that end, we use wonderful Camelina Gold oil to prepare your dinner and anything else […]

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Chef Molly’s Berry Almond Bliss Tarts

Spring is just around the corner, and more importantly, summer is just a few short months away! In that spirit, Chef Molly sent along this mouthwatering recipe – a light, sweet and tangy tartlet to enjoy on a sunny day, perhaps with a glass of Moscato. Berry Almond Bliss Makes 12 individual tarts   Tools […]

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Time for Baklava with Chef Molly

Chef Molly’s Baklava started last year as part of a global cuisine dinner, but she liked it so much, she just decided to keep doing it! She actually never liked the Greek dessert as a child; she lacked the taste for nuts or honey. That changed in adulthood as she tried different types of natural […]

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Fix Up The Dreaded Holiday Punch

We’ve all been to that holiday party, the one with the too-large bowl of punch in the center of the buffet table – and it looks just a little bit suspicious. Who knows what odd concoction the host might have dreamed up! The most entertaining part about the punch, generally, is who will end up […]

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Perfect Pasta Tips from Chef Bill!

Ah, pasta. That gloriously simple, yet so versatile staple of so many diets around the world – including ours! The biting chill of winter’s temps is just another excuse to whip up some warm, delicious pasta dishes. Coho Restaurant is a great place to go for some when you don’t feel like cooking it yourself […]

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A Delicious Lesson in History – on Pumpkin Pie!

It is a staple around every American’s table this time of year, as we welcome another holiday season. Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without the sweet, spicy, and oh-so-comforting aroma of pumpkin pie wafting throughout your home. But what you may not have known is that pumpkin pie has a history as rich as the holiday […]

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Octopus ala Coho

This Octopus Ala Coho recipe from Coho Restaurat in Friday Harbor WA makes a great appetizer.

Makes 16-20 Appetizer Servings At the restaurant, we serve this as an appetizer /small plate, placed on a bed of fresh spinach and drizzled with a fresh aioli for garnish. It makes delicious bruschetta, coupled with white beans, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil chiffonade. For Braising: 1 4-5 lb Octopus 1 Gallon Water 2 Medium […]

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Lamb Burger Sliders Demo at the San Juan County Fair

Chef Bill stepped away from his kitchen during this busy summer season to do a food demonstration at the San Juan County Fair last week. From all appearances, it seems the guests watching the demo thoroughly enjoyed the Lamb Burger Sliders he prepared. There were a number of questions, one of which brought up the […]

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New Recipe from Lavender Festival Cooking Demonstration

Pelindaba Lavender Farm has their annual  festival around the third weekend of July. Some years July can be cold, even rainy, but this year it was glorious! The sun was shining, there was a light, cooling breeze on Sunday, and the lavender was in spectacularly full bloom. All the attendees were in such good spirits, […]

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Shrimp & Pistachio Crusted Halibut

Coho Restaurant Halibut

Serves 4 10 (16-20 size) shrimp, peeled, de-veined and chopped small ½ cup pistachios, toasted, cooled and chopped 1 Tablespoon chopped fresh thyme 2 each Egg whites Salt & pepper to taste Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix all ingredients and season to taste. Lightly season 4 portions of halibut and spread crust evenly on […]

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