Mad Hatcher Poultry: Coho Restaurant’s Local Farm Feature

Farm to Table Here at Coho Restaurant, we strive to provide our guests with the best meal they’ll have during their stay on our little island.  Over the years we’ve realized a few things. Our secret to ensuring high quality, fresh and delicious meals every time? Teaming up with local, sustainable producers for our produce, […]

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Meet Tim Payne: Coho’s New Executive Chef

Coho Restaurant is pleased to welcome Executive Chef Tim Payne to our team. Chef Tim’s passion is deep-rooted in farming. Having grown up in a farming family, he loves cultivating relationships with small farms and food purveyors to showcase local ingredients in his dishes. Whether it is an heirloom carrot, beautiful head of tender red lettuce, […]

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Coho Announces Second Private Label Wine

Coho Restaurant Private Label Wine

Coho has a second private label house wine called the 5 Nobles. Crafted by Tranche Cellars, this 2007 Washington Bordeaux Style Red Wine is blended with all five Bordeaux varietals including Cabernet Franc 34%, Merlot  26%, Malbec 19%, Petit Verdot 13% and Cabernet Sauvignon 8%. The grapes were sources from several top vineyard sites in the Columbia Valley including […]

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Family Dinner Coho Style

Family Dinner at Coho Restaurant

You know the old saying, “I’ll work for food!” Well that is the essence of a restaurant tradition called “family dinner.” Each restaurant has their own traditions where the staff takes time before or after the shift to enjoy a “family” meal together. It gives the front and back of the house a chance to […]

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Chuckanut Bay Distillery

Coho’s beverage list features many artisan vodkas and gins crafted from on-island producers and those in the surrounding Seattle metropolitan area. We have been waiting for over a year to add Chuckanut Bay Distillery’s spirits to our line-up. We kept in touch with head distiller, Matt Howell, who we got to know over the years […]

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Chef Bill is Wild About Mushrooms

Mousseron Mushrooms at Coho Restaurant

Chef Bill uses porcini, morels, chanterelles, oysters, trumpet, lobster…the list goes on.  This week a new wild mushroom appeared on Coho’s menu – mousseron mushrooms. They are sometimes called ‘fairy circle’s as legend has it that they grow in circles on the forest floor. These mushrooms are foraged for a short time in Europe in […]

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Have You Tried The Best New Cooking Oil Yet?

Here at Coho, you may have noticed that we’re pretty picky about what goes onto your plate – and that includes what ingredients we use to cook it with. We are non-soy and non-GMO as much as is possible; to that end, we use wonderful Camelina Gold oil to prepare your dinner and anything else […]

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A Very Special Bird, Coming Soon To Coho!

If you’ve eaten chicken at Coho, chances are it was a “Cornish Hen” raised by Bernie Nash of Mad Hatcher Poultry in Ephrata, Washington. Averaging 2 1/2 – 3 pounds, Bernie’s Cornish Hens look more like a traditional chicken than the single serving whole birds sold by the same namesake. Bernie’s chickens, as we like […]

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Sustainable Seafood at Coho

The issue of where our fish comes from has been gaining steam in recent years. The practices and standards for catching fish are very, very different from those of catching terrestrial animals. There are strict quotas on deer hunting, for example, and those who are careless, hunt at the wrong season, or take too many […]

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Perfect Pasta Tips from Chef Bill!

Ah, pasta. That gloriously simple, yet so versatile staple of so many diets around the world – including ours! The biting chill of winter’s temps is just another excuse to whip up some warm, delicious pasta dishes. Coho Restaurant is a great place to go for some when you don’t feel like cooking it yourself […]

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