Lavender Cooking Demonstration a Popular Attraction on San Juan Island

Dear Ms de Freitas, Our Friends of the Cercle Francais de Skagit County travelled last year to the Lavender Festival on Saturday.  This year, we came on Sunday.  We knew better what we wanted to fit into our brief schedule of 10 am - 3 pm for the ferries.  Fortunately, local friends drove us from the ferry to the farm and back to the ferry, so we did not have to waste an hour or more in line or attempting to find the lavender festival! While we took some beautiful photos, learned much about distilling lavender, thoroughly enjoyed the music and musicians, and admired much in the gift shop, we all agreed that your demonstration of foods prepared with lavender flowers on Sunday 18 July 2010 was the best!  Your polenta topping on the berry cobbler is really delicious!  And the chicken, biscotti, the spread -- everything was wonderfully new to our tastebuds.   Thank you for the investment of time and skills at the Lavender Festival.  We are grateful for that time you took away from your work and family to demonstrate new and exciting things to us!  And we're also delighted to have your five pages of lavender recipes which you demonstrated.  I'll be sure to include them in the next mailing to our Cercle Francais...... I'm sending a copy of this letter to our participants, as I'm sure they second my thoughts! Cordially, Susan R. Burlington, WA

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