Sushi Wednesday a Hit with Friday Harbor Locals

Maki Sushi with Salmon, Cucumber, and Tuna
As I walked up to the door of Coho yesterday afternoon, a guy coming out stopped and gushed, "You're in for a treat!  It's amazing!  Everything is wonderful!  They've really filled a void here!"  The restaurant was packed.  If it wasn't for my friend who had arrived earlier and snagged a table,  I would have been waiting on the front porch.  The response on our first day of "Sushi Wednesday" took us somewhat by surprise.  We thought we had a good idea, but we had no idea so many islanders agreed with us!  So with that "induction by fire," we've figured out where we need to tweak to improve our timing and service. We are grateful to all those who joined us for our inaugural Sushi Wednesday.  If you didn't make it yesterday, no worries, we'll continue on Wednesdays throughout the winter.  Feel free to call in carry-out orders if you don't want to wait.

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