San Juan Island Distillery Features Two Gins

Spyhop Gin
San Juan Island Distillery now makes two great gins. They were running out of their cider to distill, so had to develop one based on neutral grain spirits. It's the same botanicals, and equally (if not more) delicious. We still have their original Spy Hop Gin at the restaurant. Even though distillery owner Suzy Pingree has developed a growing list of great cocktail recipes for it, our favorite way to drink it is still simply neat, or with a dash of vermouth. Suzy’s classic martini mix is 1½ parts Spy Hop Gin, 1½ parts French vermouth, a dash of orange bitters, and a lemon twist. A Pacific Northwest martini on a summer evening in Friday Harbor – life is good, isn’t it? By the way, our new wine menu will be out later this month, with separate pages for cocktails, both spirits- and wine- based. It's summer, you're on vacation, go ahead, indulge a little before dinner!

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