Renaissance Dinner and Wine Barrel Tasting

Alphonsine (in traditional Renaissaince chef's garb), John, Dave, Anna Maria
The creative chefs team at Coho Restaurant, Harrison House Suites and Tucker House Inn have teamed up with San Juan Vineyards for a fun auction package at next month's annual San Juan Community Theatre  fund-raising dinner. Coho Executive Chef Alphonsine, Breakfast Chef John, Owners Anna Maria and Dave will cook up a dinner feast that would please Henry VIII.  The dinner will be held in the San Juan Vineyards keg and barrel room, where diners will be able to taste the current vintage direct from the barrels.  And - get this - all diners will be provided with FULL theatre Renaissance costumes.  With Renaissance music to set the mood, these lucky auction winners will surely be boisterously stabbing chunks of meats and cheeses and  hoisting their vessels high with hearty "huzzahs!"

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