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The Maker & The Monger

We have new neighbors directly across the street, the Maker & the Monger Specialty Cheese Shop, opening this spring. This full service retail store and café will feature artisan cheese and wine makers from the Pacific Northwest. They will also offer tasty bits and small plates paired with wine.

Richard and Sherri Daly have been enjoying their vacation home on San Juan Island for the past 8 years and decided to move here full-time a year and a half ago. Sherri has a background in Food Science and is a fledgling cheesemaker, and Richard has a background in sales and marketing. The duo are currently on a whirlwind cheese tour from Friday Harbor to Seattle to Portland to San Francisco. They are visiting cow, sheep and goat dairy farms, cheesemakers and cheesemongers and attending 5 days of cheesemongering workshops.

Stop by and enjoy a glass of wine and some savory morsels. Richard and Sherri look forward to sharing their love of cheese and wine with you!

Friday Harbor Restaurants



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