Kelley Fox Chardonnay

Mother’s Day Chardonnay: Celebrate Mom with a Bottle of Wine

This Sunday we celebrate that most vital person in each of our lives, our mothers. Many of us celebrate with a meal in her honor, and we need something for this special person to drink.

As usual, there are so many options, but let’s focus on one of our favorite winemakers whose work we feature at Coho Restaurant: Kelley Fox. We have proudly sold Kelley Fox Wines (her Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc) for some time, but this past fall was the first time we had access to a very limited production Chardonnay. It’s hard to find right now, but we have it! This Chardonnay comes from a specific block (Lark Block) of a specific vineyard (Durant Vineyard in the Dundee Hills AVA) and a specific type of Chardonnay vine (the Dijon 76 from Burgundy, France). How’s that for special!

Every wine from Kelley Fox is a special wine. She makes wines that are ultra-sophisticated, full of flavor but handled with finesse that expresses her terroir (wine geek alert: terroir is the combination of all the climatic conditions—soil, air, sun, rain, etc.—that are unique to a specific location) in Willamette Valley, Oregon. Now that sounds like a wine fit to toast mom this Sunday, doesn't it? While at $45 the price point is a little more than some of us typically spend, it’s worth every penny. If you are interested in picking up a bottle (or two!), please let us know. Other spring wine collections are also available, though quantities are limited. Call 360-378-6330 to place your order and arrange for pick-up.

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