Wine Picks – June 2012

We've added ew spirits to our list this summer, perfect for mixing up refreshing concoctions on the patio and simply over ice. Tito’s Vodka –Tito's Vodka is 40% abv. / 80 proof and is made in Austin, Texas from 100% corn rather than the usual potato or wheat resulting in a mildly sweet aftertaste.  It is microdistilled six times in old -fashioned pot stills just like fine single malt scotches and high-end French cognacs. Only the heart of the run, “the nectar” is taken, leaving behind residual higher and lower alcohols. the vodka is cleansed of phenols, esters, congeners, and organic acids it filtering it through the finest activated carbon available. No sugar or gelatin added. The aroma is very light and clean with the barest hint of sweetness and corn.  We did a blind tasting of Grey Goose, Kettle One and Tito’s Vodka;  Tito’s had a greater depth of flavor compared to Grey Goose and Kettle One on the rocks, and added more intensity in cocktails. (GF) San Juan Island Distillery - San Juan Island Spy Hop Gin “Nettles” – The hand-harvested early spring stinging nettles add a sweet grassy flavor to the already-amazing aromas and taste to the gin. Distilled with over 31 local Island botanicals. We recommend it straight up so you can taste the subtitles of this hand crafted gin.

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