Celebrate Washington Wine Month with Coho and Rasa Vineyards

imgresMarch is Washington Wine Month! The soil and climate of our breathtaking state lend themselves beautifully to wine production, and we are lucky enough to have no shortage of wonderful vineyards and wineries all across the state - from classic vintage to state of the art innovation, and everything in between. Taste Washington Wine Month in March is an annual celebration of our award-winning industry.

The enjoyment of wine is very personal. You don't have to be an expert; you just need to trust your own taste. Each time you try a new wine, your awareness of the character and subtle differences will be expanded. Tasting wine is like a sport: the more you practice, the better you become. To enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of wine, learn the basics first.

At Coho, we appreciate good wine above pretty much anything else - except of course, fine gourmet cuisine, which is the perfect partner for a quality wine. imgres2

To that end, we periodically host exclusive winemaker's dinners. These events are always a special treat, with a winemaker bringing a selection of his finest wines and our chef building a custom multi-course menu around those wines.

We are very excited to host the amazing Rasa Vineyards this Friday, who we recently discovered on our wine-tasting journey around Washington. Learn more about the dinner, see the menu, and get the details on how to be there at this link.

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