Chef Ryan Lockhart

Coho Restaurant is pleased to welcome Executive Chef Ryan Lockhart to the helm. Chef Ryan started his culinary career working in kitchens of New Orleans while studying music and theater. His professional journey eventually landed him in Colorado where he developed a passion for locally sourced cuisine while volunteering on small farms and working at farm to table restaurants. He most recently held a kitchen position at a well known Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant in New Orleans. We are excited to see how this Asian and low country-southern influence will create interesting and inspiring fusion to his dishes.

During his short tenure in Friday Harbor he has fallen in love with San Juan Island. He continues to build upon and foster the strong relationships Coho Restaurant has with local farmers. He loves highlighting fresh ingredients and letting them be the star of a dish. In his hands, a simple warm yellow and purple fingerling salad is elevated with a fresh roasted tomato pesto. He is especially excited about the cornucopia of ingredients available in this region.

When he isn’t working in the kitchen, you will find him spending time with his dog, Billie, discovering new trails and dabbling in photography. There is also a good chance you might find him belting out a few verses during an open mic at one of the local bars.